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Hello fellow Disney fans, welcome to “Disney Chats with Bee”!

A little about myself.  I am a licensed Florida Real Estate broker and work EXCLUSIVELY with DVC properties.  I have been in Real Estate over 30 years but DVC is my first venture into the timeshare world, if it wasn’t Disney I wouldn’t do timeshares.

I work with both buyers and sellers helping them find the right price point, property and number of points for their families.

I live close to the parks and I love to meet my DVC friends.  So when you come to town please let me know and we can get together.

I love to do races, but I walk.  I am not a runner so don’t get me confused with one, lol!!  I can’t decide if I like the medals or the dressing up part the best, but I do know I have met a lot of very nice people at the races.  Most of the races I do are for charity.

This will be a very informal page, as that is who I am.  So please, take a look around the site and let me know if I can help answer your questions.


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